Honey Bee Farm Tour

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a bee? Curious about what beekeepers do? Join us for a Honey Bee Farm Tour and see for yourself

Join us! We’d love to host you at our apiary for some quality time with the honey bees.

We’ll show you their favorite foraging areas, with over 100 different types of fruit trees on the property, there’s always something different in bloom. After a mini-beekeeping lesson, we’ll get ya zipped up in a bee suit and hive-dive in! We’ll pull up some frames of bees so you can see first-hand the amazing honeycomb they build filled with honey, pollen and brood (baby bees :)). Afterwards, we’ll do some honey tasting!

$45 per person
$25 kids 12 and younger

Bring closed-toed-shoes, we’ve (literally) got you covered for the rest!
Plan for 1.5 hours at the apiary.

Makes for Great:

  • Family outings
  • Dates
  • Home-school learning experiences
  • Company Team-building
Please contact email katie@hanaihives for private groups tours of up to 10 people

1. Where to begin?

Contact us! We’d love to answer any questions you have. If you decide a HĀNAI HIVE seems right for you, we’ll schedule a time to meet up to plan next steps

2. What to expect?

If you’d like you to HĀNAI a hive on your property, we’ll meet at your location to assess the space. If it’s a good fit for you and the bees, we’ll make a plan for placement and schedule a moving day!

If you prefer to HĀNAI a Hive at one of our apiaries, we’ll meet there.


3. Moving Day!

If you HĀNAI a hive at your property, we’ll come just after dusk when all the bees are in their box and set up your hive.   

If you HĀNAI a Hive at one of our apiaries, your bees will be waiting for you!

And… the journey begins!

Join Us in our journey

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