Kōkua Hawaii foundation partnership

We are A PREMIER HAWAI'I BASED APIARY AND HOME TO OAHU'S first HOST-A-hive program now partnered with Kōkua Hawai'i Foundation.

We're so excited to be partnering with the kōkua hawai'i foundation!

We’re so excited to introduce this exclusive KHF members deal, thanks to the partnership of Hānai Hives and Kōkua Hawai’i Foundation!

If you are you interested in learning more about bees and maybe even hosting your own hive, we’ve developed an exclusive program designed to bring bee keeping either to your backyard or to a nearby apiary.

Right now, paid KHF members get 10% off! To access this KHF membership deal fill out the form below with your KHF membership information and we’ll contact you to setup a free consultation. Not a paid KHF Member? Sign up today and help support KHFʻs missions.


1. Where to begin?

Contact us! We’d love to answer any questions you have. If you decide a HĀNAI HIVE seems right for you, we’ll schedule a time to meet up to plan next steps

2. What to expect?

If you’d like you to HĀNAI a hive on your property, we’ll meet at your location to assess the space. If it’s a good fit for you and the bees, we’ll make a plan for placement and schedule a moving day!

If you prefer to HĀNAI a Hive at one of our apiaries, we’ll meet there.


3. Moving Day!

If you HĀNAI a hive at your property, we’ll come just after dusk when all the bees are in their box and set up your hive.   

If you HĀNAI a Hive at one of our apiaries, your bees will be waiting for you!

And… the journey begins!

Join Us in our journey

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