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Explore the wonders of the North Shore with our Bee Farm Tours and Eco Tours

Learn about beekeeping and nature conservation

Discover the amazing world of bees and their importance to our planet! Our Farm Tours offer a chance to explore the secrets of beekeeping and our Eco Tour will take you through an unforgettable journey into nature.

Visit North Shore Oahu in style

At Hanai Hives, we believe that knowledge is power. On our tours, you’ll learn about beekeeping and their role in nature conservation from our experts. Our tours are designed to make sure that you gain maximum knowledge while enjoying yourself!

Our tours allow you to explore the beauty of North Shore Oahu in style.

From discovering its hidden gems, exploring its stunning landscapes, or simply admiring its stunning views, you will definitely love your time with us!

Book your spot on Bee Farm Tours now to unlock the secrets of Hawaii’s incredible bee populations!

Expand your 'Ohana and share Aloha, that’s what HĀNAI HIVES is all about.

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