Good Vibrations on the Winter Solstice

Published On: 

December 21, 2021


Katie Metzger

No doubt about it, the tranquil turquoise waters of the North Shore in summer make for picture-perfect postcards, a crystal vision of tropical island dreams. The stillness and clarity of the ocean invites beachgoers to cool off with a swim or simply float. I often wonder how many tourists and locals fall asleep on those enormous pink flamingo floaties I see gently bobbing along. I would find it hard not to drift off myself. As beautiful as these images are, I find myself longing for winter waves. The energy and vibration of waves that travel thousands of miles across the ocean and crash along this seven mile miracle are a sight to behold and a wonder to experience. Whether I’m surfing sunset with friends or feeling the spray on a morning beach walk, or even laying in bed at night listening to the pounding surf, I can feel the energy of the ocean; my heart beats in tune.

No matter how gorgeous those serene summer beach days are, once the winter north west swells pulse across the pacific, an undeniable vibration is felt. A surge of energy is in the water, in the air, and in all those who connect with our life-giving ocean.

When I see a garden with spectacular tropical flowers, perfectly manicured and full of color but no bees, I get the same feeling I do on a gorgeous summer beach day with no waves. It may be undeniably beautiful, but my spirit longs for nature’s songs, the vibrations that come from waves breaking and in this case- bees buzzing!

Gardens are a playground for bees and flowers, they delight and share and vibrate together. A garden without bees is like an empty playground, it’s missing the hum, the buzzing energy of life.

Flowers are vital to the health of bees; nectar provides the carbohydrates and pollen provides the protein needed for their survival. There’s nothing passive about the process of attaining these critical food sources. Bees visit up to 40 flowers per minute depending on floral type, nectar flow and weather. One honey bee visits 50-100 flowers during each collection trip and can harvest from thousands of flowers in a single day. Flower after flower, like wave after wave, nature provides. 

Much like waves express the life force of the ocean, bees pulse with the vibrancy of the ‘Āina. This energy is as familiar as it is mysterious, it comes from a spiritual source. May you feel the wonder of nature’s shifting season, dance to its rhythm and celebrate. Happy Winter Solstice! ✨🐝✨

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